Moving to Abu Dhabi during the Covid19 pandemic. Fear or Excitement?

    Moving to a new place is never easy. Currently, with the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, it would seem the worst possible time to pack your things and go, but if you don’t have a choice and have to do it while the whole world is suffering from a terrific, contagious disease such and not having a clear set of rules this can be somehow scary.  In normal circumstances people usually share memories of how exciting moving to a new place can be and also a little anxious about it for many reasons, such as the idea of meeting new people, experiencing brand new places, exploring unknown roads and destinations, arranging and decorating you’re their new homes. In my case, my life got transformed and I had to adjust to an unfamiliar environment during the pandemic, which at the first place caused fear and anxiety. First of all, the sooner you realize that Covid19 significantly limited not only many international moves but also made it complicated and time-consuming for internal move